Wednesday's Child: Would you like to adopt fun-loving siblings Vanessa, Samantha, and Jesus

Vanessa (Middle), Samantha (Right) and Jesus (Left) are a close-knit lively sibling set. They're a fun-loving and engaged family who enjoy spending time together playing board games, going to the park and horseback riding.

All these activities require interactions which speaks volumes of the kids' personalities. We brought them to our favorite space - Kid Space Museum for some more actions which are integrated with the learning of natural sciences.

Vanessa (2006) is a sweet, caring, and sensitive girl who adores her siblings. It's evident that she's a nurturing and caring big sister in the way that she's always looking out for her younger sister and brother. Vanessa loves school and her favorite subject is Math. Her hope is to be a doctor or even a social worker someday. In her heart, she has a desire to be in a helping profession. Vanessa also likes to draw horses, other animals and insects.

Samantha (2010) is an adorable girl with an easy-going temperament. She's doing well in elementary school and loves to read. She loves playing dress up with her dolls as well as playing outside with her little brother. Samantha loves to read happily-ever after stories before going to bed, and especially the ones with lots of pictures. Like her older sister, Samantha wants to help others when she grows up and hopes to become a doctor also.

Jesus (2012) is funny, active and always up for a new adventure. He loves watching cartoons on Saturday mornings after breakfast. Jesus is in kindergarten and says his favorite subject is lunch. Jesus is easy-going and carefree because he is loved and bonded with his sisters. Despite close sibling bonds, all three children need a supportive family to reinforce the fundamentals learned at school and in life, coupled with the wisdom only a safe, permanent, unconditionally loving family can provide.

If you're looking to experience the rewards of an instant family with a sibling set of three, tune in to Wednesday's Child and then call to learn more about adoption at 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).