Wednesday's Child: Will you give Dustin and Ashley a forever home

We first met Dustin (2007) and Ashley (2009) about a year ago, highlighting their love for music and putting their story out there on the airways to help find a forever family.

The search continues for an adoptive family. Both kids still love music, and while some personal interests might have evolved, their love for one another and desire to grow up together remains unchanged and unwavering.

We met up with this brother and sister team at a local pizza place, Vince's Pizza and Pasta, to do what families do - cook together, eat together and catch up on personal news.

Building a pizza is a lot like building a family. You start with a firm foundation to support all the extras that go on top, from pressing and rolling out the dough to form the crust to make virtually identical pizzas, from oven to table to admire and savor.

Ashley and Dustin swirled on the right amount of sauce to suit their taste along with sausage and pepperoni. While Dustin is a fan of cheese, Ashley likes extra cheese on hers.

Dustin is an active kid and understands the virtues of working hard and playing hard. Dustin says he likes school, because they stretch and challenge him, even in PE class. Dustin plays soccer and loves jumping on a trampoline or playing video games when homework is done.

Dustin really wants to be a drummer to play on his musical senses and hopes to be a paleontologist because of his affinity for dinosaurs. Dustin tells us it's important for him to stay together with Ashley so he can look after her.

Ashley describes Dustin with a lot of affection. What she loves most about him is how he's a gentleman to her. Dustin does a bow to greet her and opens the door for her. Ashley basks in how much she is regarded, as he models for her the behaviors she should expect from healthy relationships. Ashley still has a love for music and hopes to sing and dance when she grows up.

Ashley has a very nurturing personality, and perhaps fortified by good role models in her life, she also hopes to help kids and someday become a foster parent herself.

Our duo had an afternoon of cooking, eating and playing together. While they visit with each other once a week, they currently do not reside together and it's our goal to keep and bring them together.

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