Wednesday's Child: Will you give Calvin a loving forever home?

Calvin is 12 years old and is in foster care, and the best gift would be a permanent place to call home.

Calvin is a polite, outgoing and respectful kid who appreciates humor. He enjoys watching cartoons and playing video games. After spending some time with Calvin, we were able to find out what in particular Calvin likes and to attune to the nuances that make Calvin who he is. There are more about Calvin that we want to share with people around him. He is doing well in school and enjoys Math, Algebra in particular.

Not only does Calvin want to pursue a career as a video game designer (which requires a lot of math) and game tester, he gravitates towards the genre of anime game characters such as Dragon Ball Z.

You’re never too young or too old to have (or want) a forever family. Calvin is a happy kid and pretty well adjusted. Like a lot of kids in foster care, a family with unconditional love and acceptance is essential in healing from loss that provides opportunities for growth.

Particularly for Calvin, we’re “offering this simple phrase (wish) to kids from 1 – 92” a forever family and a safe and happy holiday season.

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