Wednesday's Child: Sweet-loving siblings Roxanne and Ethan would love a forever family

In preparation for Halloween and the Fall Harvest, we set out to find the most perfect fit of pumpkins for this set of twins for Halloween and also shopped around for Fall decorations at our favorite family place – Pa’s Pumpkin Patch in Long Beach, CA.

There were pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Both Roxanne (2011) and Ethan (2011) were after the largest they can carry and the most similar in shape and size respective to one another. While very similar, these siblings also have their own interests and aspirations.

Roxanne (2011) is extremely articulate and precise. This is reflected in how she communicates and how eloquent her word choices are. Being clear and precise is important for many careers. With her caring nature and her ability to connect and communicate, Roxanne’s career choice of being a physician makes it a perfect match. She is a natural leader. Not only does she have a take-charge personality, she is also very considerate and nurturing.

Ethan (2011) is active, inquisitive and wanting to help and serve in his career choice. His goal is to be in the armed forces to help protect our country. Ethan is creative and loves playing in the outdoors. For now, he loves superheroes to embody being a hero for our country. Ethan is very enthusiastic and is always up for trying something new.

To say that Roxanne and Ethan are bonded would be the understatement of the century. This twin set genuinely enjoys each other’s company and symbiotically thrives in the presence of one another.

While it is normal for siblings to have a semblance of rivalry, this brother and sister team support and cheer each other on to help each other achieve personal success.When these two are apart, each of them simultaneously asks for or about the other. It would be “scary” to separate these two.  Therefore, starting this Halloween, we are looking for a loving, safe, committed family to ensure these two will never be apart. Tune in to Wednesday’s Child and then call to learn more about adoption 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).