Wednesday's Child: Sweet Lisette looking for a forever home

Lisette (2003) is a charming young lady with a very authentic and warm personality, reflected in the reciprocal loyalty she shares with friends.

Like many teenagers, Lisette's continuous connection to the world is her smartphone. She enjoys all things related to social media and uses the technology to stay informed.

Lisette is interested in the health care profession and the culinary arts - especially healthy cooking. With a philosophy of healing through food, we brought Lisette to Culture Club 101 in Pasadena, CA where the two ideas intersect.

Lisette was given a tour of the cafe and learned to make their signature vegan cobb salad. In addition to the preparation, assembly and presentation, Lisette also took on the role of serving this superfood dish to her caregiver and foster roommate who also came to support her on this exploratory day. It was an eye opener for Lisette discovering many tasty and healthy ingredients, and options for meals and snacks in the culinary world. This further enhances her hope to be a health conscious chef.

As a teenager, Lisette is a music enthusiast and can entertain herself endlessly with a cell phone on hand. She hopes to attend college to study the culinary arts or nursing - reflective of her caring nature. Lisette is open to meeting new people and she engages well in a team setting.

The family Lisette hopes for is a family willing to help her pursue her dreams and to help her navigate through all of life's challenges and to celebrate all of life's successes with her.

Lisette is eager to be part of a forever family and embark on a new journey. Tune in to Wednesday's Child and then call to learn more about adoption at 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).