Wednesday's Child: Sweet Gregory in search of a forever family

Gregory (2005) is an enthusiastic and engaging teenager with a flair for fashion. Gregory is a go getter at heart and sees himself as a creative person who loves thinking outside the box. He hopes for a career in fashion and design someday.

It was only natural that we linked Gregory with the host of TLC's Something New and Something Borrowed, Kelly Nishimoto who is also a television producer and owner of her own label and boutique, the Cute Booty Lounge. Kelly Nishimoto, a LA fashion designer has been featured in LA's Fashion week and dressing many celebs from the entertainment industry.

On this day, Gregory got to learn about the business end of fashion after inception of a design to its marketing and distribution. Some of the aspects that resonated with Gregory is the constant and multidimensional ways creativity and inspiration come and the tenacity in character needed in the industry.

While learning about fabrics, Gregory shares that at a young age, he knew he had a unique sense of style and flair for fashion. Gregory has a small and growing collection of Barbie dolls that he likes to dress as visual models to support the endeavor of pursuing a career as a designer as well as the visual arts aspects of dolls that often get overlooked. He enjoys designing their wardrobes, as developing a unique look for each of his current "clients" in doll form.

Gregory aspires to go to an art school to study fashion design, or to a cosmetology school and becomes a make-up artist. He's also considered a career in science and technology which he does very well in at school. His other hobbies include knitting, watching movies, and exploring new things and different places.

Visual arts and designing is where his heart is at the moment and he hopes to find a forever family that will support his expressive pursuits in this area. Gregory envisions his adoptive family to provide an environment where there is positive energy from the moment of waking up every morning and the safety to share and talk about anything openly.

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