Wednesday's Child: Sweet, fun-loving teen Sharina in search of a forever home

Sharina (2004) is a teen of and for the arts; colorful and creative, open-minded and adventurous. She has an artistic spirit and resiliently feels hopeful despite the many challenges she's faced. Being able to share their parallel life stories, Regina Louise and Sharina met up to do an art project. As an author, artist and playwright, from a different place and time, Regina Louise grew up in foster care and overcame many obstacles by virtue of being a foster child. Lifetime Television recently aired "I Am Somebody's Child - The Regina Louise Story."

Sharina is fascinated not just with the arts, but also with its many mediums. She has a curious mind and is especially interested in the modern world of design and ceramics. Her creativity also crosses over the art of cooking and she is hoping to learn some new cooking techniques from her forever family. Sharina enjoys dancing and is a member of a Folkloric dance group. "Mixed Media" was the art project of the day and the two artists captured personalized inspirational messages that validated each other and sure to resonate with other teens in foster care.

Sharina has a caring and empathetic heart. She aspires to become a teacher and to help children, particularly children with special educational needs. She looks forward to studying art and being able to integrate those aspects into her teaching and working one on one with children in need. Sharina is open to all family types who have a diversity of interests. She believes in the reciprocal exchanges people have with one another that would lead to mutual enhancements.

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