Wednesday's Child: Sophia is in need of a safe and loving family to call home

It's award season once again in Tinsletown and celebrities line up to walk the red carpet but not before hitting the industry's top gifting lounges before the big night. Sophia (2004), our shining star was invited as a special VIP to Doris Bergman's Ninth Annual Style Lounge & Party in Celebration of Emmy Season to walk the red carpet. Sophia's our nominee for a safe, permanent and loving family and she packs a lot of star power.

Outgoing and engaging, Sophia mingled all the way through the event like a true A-Lister. She enjoyed very much the gifts from many vendors, such as Twisted Silver and Heather Marianna, and the cuisine tasting from Emporium Thai, just to name a few. Of course there was rubbing elbows with celebs like Sherman Augustus from the TV series, Into the Badlands.

You can't be at a Hollywood event without being interviewed. We discovered so many dimensions about Sophia that creates a unique sophistication and elegance that she exudes. One of her favorite classes in school is Drama, which makes her the perfect fit for this event. Her artistic creativity also shows in her love for drawing. Academically, she loves the Science, such as physics because it challenges and stretches her. Additionally, she's an athlete and plays on her school's JV volleyball team.

Sophia is no stranger to taking longer paths in life that's metaphoric to her journey in foster care. She tells us that she's been in the system since she was 7 years old and would really like to settle down. Sophia is open to different types of families and has a reasonable requirement - unconditional acceptance from a family that could allow her to make mistakes and help her grow from it.

Sophia says that she's not going to be the perfect child and she'd like to belong to a family where members won't judge each other but to grow and love from challenges together.

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