Wednesday's Child: Matthew would love a forever family on any given Sunday

Until recently, this week's Wednesday's Child had been a young football fan growing up in a city without a team. When the opportunity presents itself, Matthew (2001) likes to play tackle and over the years has become a Green Bay Packers follower.

But even as a true football aficionado, Matthew was a bit blind-sided at the opportunity to get an up close and personal look last fall at a typical practice day with the recently returned LA Rams - including some one-on-one time with LA Rams guard, #76 Rodger Saffold.

Matthew enjoys watching and playing football and is quite knowledgeable about the game. And while Matthew seems built for the sport, there is more to Matthew than meets the eye. Matthew is a gentle teddy bear at heart who is a bit on the quiet side yet engaging and genuine. Matthew is also making some great strides in school.

Matthew tossed the ball with Rodger Saffold for a while and they also toured the Rams training facility. Matthew was even made an honorary Rams team member for the day - which he graciously accepted - while at the same time not letting go of his overall loyalty to the Packers. Matthew displayed a good sense of humor as he endured some ribbing about being a Packers fan and even gave some wit right back.

Matthew has a close relationship with his older sister (who is in her early twenties) and her twin boys, and plans to maintain these ties. But in order to run the game plans he will make for his life, Matthew wants and needs others to fill key positions (i.e., parent/coach) on his team and provide some of the support and unconditional love all of us deserve.

To catch a glimpse of this loyal, teddy bear of a young man who is in need of a forever family, tune in to Wednesday's Child and then call us at 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367) to learn more about adopting.