Wednesday's Child: Maria wants to share the gift of giving with a forever family

So how does one find the words to describe Maria? Well, we are going to let our Wednesday's Child camera - and her unique smile - tell you a little about Maria (1999) this week's Wednesday's Child and her optimistic outlook on things.

Despite having limited speech, Maria is a "people person" with an endearing personality. Maria interacts primarily through gesturing to get her point across. A little bird told us that Maria loves Barney the Dinosaur, so when we visited her over the holidays we knew what kind of gift to come bearing in order to get Maria's signature sign of approval - a smile and a big thumbs-up!

Maria also loves to color and is fascinated by paper products. She is able to hold a pencil to doodle and always wants to touch paper and notebooks. One of Maria's other favorite past-times is playing dress up when she can change into several different costumes one by one.

Maria was born with Chromosomal Translocation 13/14 and is also diagnosed with Seizure Disorder, Scoliosis, and Restrictive Lung Disorder. Maria requires a G-tube and receives services to address her medical and developmental needs.

This week, though, we focus on solving Maria's need for a caring permanent family. To learn more about Maria, about adoption and about the services available for those who adopt children with special needs, first watch this week's Wednesday's Child and then call 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).

For more information about adoption:

Please call 866-921- ADOPT (2367)
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