Wednesday's Child: Leslie is in search of a loving family to call home

Leslie (2004) is a friendly and sociable teen deserving of a safe, loving and permanent family. She has a warm and inviting personality and is open to trying out new things. Like most teens, Leslie appreciates trending fashions and accessories.  Therefore, she was excited to check out the topnotch designer vendors and geared up to experience the role of a celebrity VIP surrounding the Academy Awards AKA Oscars at Doris Bergman’s 12th Annual Valentine Romance Pre-Oscar Luxury Lounge and Party at the Fig & Olive Restaurant in West Hollywood.

In addition to a posh lunch, she also received gifts from skincare products from Beauty Stat, luxury candles by Milena, products, and hair consult by Shan Christen, stylist to the Stars and environmentally conscious jewelry from Twisted Silver. When you’re a VIP, vendors vie for your attention and Leslie gave each one graciously, her attention.

We found Leslie to be a very personable teen. She can be shy when uncomfortable or in new situations. If she’s assessed the situation to be safe and is comfortable, she is talkative and open; especially in one-on-one situations. We also discovered that she loves to sing and enjoys being in the school choir. Leslie also loves to dance and would love to have formal lessons someday.  

School has been a refuge for Leslie and she’s doing very well academically. She has many friends and is supportive of the people around her. Leslie wants to become a lawyer or a physician someday. Her hope is to be able to help others with whichever profession she ultimately chooses.

Leslie’s journey in foster care has been stressful, to say the least, however, she’s proven to be resilient with every obstacle. Our goal for her is to find the adoptive family she deserves so that she doesn’t have to prove her resiliency over and over.

Leslie’s requirement is simple; someone that will love, listen and accept her. Tune in to Wednesday’s Child and then call to learn more about adoption at 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).