Wednesday's Child: Lazaro shooting for a forever home

Lazaro (2004), likes what most teen boys like, such as video games and sports. What isn't always that typical is that he is aware of his feeling and is able to articulate them.

So, when you meet Lazaro, you know exactly who he is and what he's about.

Lazaro plays a range of sports such as baseball, football and basketball. So, for Lazaro to meet and play one-on-one with the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters was just the ticket.

Lazaro's day was quite a whirlwind and included suiting up in the Globetrotter team jersey, donning on the signature headband and of course, learning the signature two-ball spin, along with other exhibition shots made famous by this team. And, of course, there were complimentary VIP tickets for Lazaro to watch the team play.

Lazaro is a confident young boy, and is open about his feelings and expressing his opinions. He would benefit from a family who will embrace this strength, and a family looking forward to a lot of dynamic conversation. Lazaro is bright, engaging, eager and always striving to do better in school.

While Lazaro wasn't specific about us finding a particular family constellation; Lazaro's wish is to have an adoptive family open to sharing their feelings and being able to embrace and accept him. him. He hopes for an active family and one of his life's wishes is to have a family he can travel with.

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