Wednesday's Child: Kyra, the girl with the golden smile looking for a forever home

Kyra (2001) is a dynamic young lady with a lively personality.  Sassy, independent, and self-assured, Kyra’s waiting for a forever home that will allow her to continue to blossom into adulthood.

In addition to rubbing shoulders with stars like Candice Rice of MTV’s "Floribama Shore”, Kyra also received the VIP treatment in tailoring her style as the backdrop to tell her story and of course, lots and lots of “swag.” 

Kyra has varied interests related to the arts, she enjoys Anime, music, and drawing. She enjoys applying her artistic skills into fashion and hopes to work in the fashion design industry one day. Her other hobbies include styling her hair and painting her nails but overall keeping up with what’s trending.

Kyra said that others admire her for having the natural talent of drawing. For Kyra, while she has a gift for it, each piece she produces is a challenge and a heartfelt reflection with much effort.  On a similar note, a musical one, Kyra also plays the violin. 

Kyra finds school challenging but in a positive way. She’s open to learning and synthesizing knowledge to inform every aspect of her being. When Kyra talked about life and new experiences, she brightens up automatically.

This girl is excited about learning and the experiences associated with it. Kyra is also a thoughtful and sensitive young lady who feels people should always be considerate of others’ feelings. Through her advocacy voice, she has a deep dislike for bullying and is always ready to speak up against it and for the victims. 

Kyra says that she wants a family that will accept her for range of expressions. She says that she is sometimes a little like a “baby” and other times presents really mature.

She’s open to sharing every aspect about her with her forever family and to share dimensions of her that she hasn’t been able to with temporary caregivers.

Kyra hopes to be grounded to thrive in a safe, permanent and loving family.

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