Wednesday's Child: Kyla is broadcasting her wishes for a permanent family

This week on Wednesday's Child we have Kyla (2001), an expressive teen who is full of energy and enthusiasm.

Kyla is quite active in sports and likes to go places, especially going out to eat. When she's not out and about, one of her favorite past times is to listen to music - be it kicking back to the oldies or pumping it up with some hip-hop. We caught up with Kyla "where hip-hop lives" -- the KPWR POWER 106 radio station in Burbank, California - and watched as Kyla played part guest and part deejay.

Kyla received a personal tour from radio host Krystal Bee, ensuring Kyla got to see where some of her favorite tunes are piped from. Kyla also got to try her hand at working the boards as she learned some of the ropes of being a deejay. Another of Kyla's personal interests is running track and field and parcourse fitness, so she felt a common bond with DJ Krystal Bee who happens to compete in triathlons.

In addition to observing a live broadcast by DJ Yesi Ortiz, Kyla got a glimpse into all that goes into producing such a broadcast - much of it being behind-the-scenes rather than in front of the mic. And while Kyla was learning what makes POWER 106 LA's place for hip-hop, we learned more about Kyla and what makes her tic. Kyla shared having some aspirations to work in the medical field someday to help others. Wherever Kyla's interests and aspirations land her down the line, in the here and now she needs what's typically considered par for the course of growing up - the support and unconditional love of family.

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