Wednesday's Child: Jesus aka Andy is looking for a forever family to call home

The Oscar awards came and went, but fond memories of being the special VIP guest of Doris Bergman and her Eleventh Annual Valentine Romance Pre-Oscar Style Lounge & Party at Fig & Olive in West Hollywood, will remain with Jesus who also goes by Andy (2001) for a long time.

This outgoing and engaging teen was a perfect fit for this event; not only his match with style, but his high level of initiative about advocating for himself, which is a "star" quality.

Walking and posing in front of the red carpet seemed natural for Jesus. Besides rubbing shoulders with the stars, he styled the products with the same efficacy as the A-list celebrities.

In addition to a custom suit being made for him by Art Lewin, there were gifts from the fine Italian leather from S&G., the healthy hydration by Hint Water, the jewelry from Twisted Silver and the skin care products by Lasio.

Jesus tells us he loves school and is doing very well academically. In addition to his academic acumen, Andy loves sports and is an active participant in wresting at his school. Jesus's favorite subject is Math and he hopes to pursue a career in Computer Engineering.

Jesus reflected that Math was a difficult subject for him until someone took the time to explain it to him. In a parallel process, that's what Jesus is looking for in life: support, guidance and explanation for the occurrences of life.

Jesus hopes for a family that will be there for him; when he wins an award or when he is sad, and that is active and will go hiking with him. Tune in to Wednesday's Child and then call to learn more about adoption at 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).