Wednesday's Child: Isaiah is ready to respond to a permanent, loving family

This week's Wednesday's Child is Isaiah (2006), an active kid who enjoys being outdoors just running around or riding bike. Isaiah also has a love for the law -- or at least the concept of enforcing it -- and likes the idea of being a police officer. To reinforce his admiration for "the good guys", the Glendale Police Department invited Isaiah to take a private tour of their station house. Officers Steve Kosiz and Rebecca Jackson lead the tour and showed Isaiah the operations of one of the largest police departments in Los Angeles County.

Isaiah got to check out the briefing room and observe the emergency communications system, but Isaiah was more into the "hands on" demonstration of applying a simpler law enforcement tool: handcuffs. And once Isaiah had the hang of it, he recruited several volunteers to practice his handcuffing on.

Before leaving the station, Glendale's Chief of Police Robert Castro issued a junior police badge to Isaiah. Isaiah craves and needs a lot of individual attention. He has a sweet and loving personality but also has some challenges for which he receives specialized services.

Isaiah is an adventurous kid and often ready to try new things, so riding shotgun in a black and white was right up his alley! Meanwhile we are issuing this "all-points bulletin" that we are on the look-out for Isaiah's "parent(s)-to-be" who would fit the description of having the capacity and dedication to meet Isaiah's needs and help him reach his full potential. Isaiah would do well in a home where he could receive concentrated time and attention as an only child.

For more information about adoption:
Please call 866-921- ADOPT (2367)
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