Wednesday's Child: Gregory wants 'nothing but net' in a permanent home

Gregory (2000) is a very active young man who enjoys "all sports" while indicating that basketball and baseball are his two favorites.

Gregory also has an interest in statistics, particularly as they relate to sports of course. Gregory will keep up with statistics to help him form opinions and make predictions about players and teams. To give him something else to factor in, we brought Gregory to a Laker basketball practice in El Segundo California for some personal observations of the team as well as some one-on-one with a new Laker - #14, Brandon Ingram.

Part of good information gathering is not just observing but also interviewing. In addition to shooting some hoops with Laker Brandon Ingram, Gregory got the opportunity to try out the role of sports reporter. Gregory's questions to #14 centered on advice for kids and advice for becoming an NBA player. Gregory got tips and advice on how he could improve his shots and maybe earn a position on a basketball team, while we gathered "shots" to help highlight how Gregory could be a great asset to a forever family team.

And there's definitely more to Gregory than sports…he works well with younger kids and is currently volunteering as a camp counselor. And although sports are very important to him, Gregory recognizes that the field of future career options extends way beyond the field of sports and he could see himself exploring the idea of ruling the kitchen as a chef as easily as shooting for a sports position.

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