Wednesday's Child: Fun-loving Yaya would love a forever family

Yajaira (2004), who prefers to be called “Yaya” is a lovely teen growing up in foster care who wishes to have a safe, permanent and unconditionally loving family of her own. This very introspective and reflective teen has an old soul, and when given the opportunity, she jumps at the chance to advocate for herself to find a family that can reciprocally be a good fit. We had Yaya walk the red carpet at Doris Bergman’s 10th Annual Luxury Lounge & Party honoring the Emmy Awards last month where she was gifted as our celebrity. Here is her story.

Yaya’s known more disappointments than most. However, what’s unique about her is her capacity to embrace all aspects of her life’s experiences that’s woven to be what is now uniquely her, and contributed to her awareness of her situation with a lot of depth and insight. Coupled with her intellect, Yaya has a wonderful sense of witty humor that draws people to her. With a compassionate heart, Yaya is driven to want to pursue a career in helping others as an attorney; giving those who do not have such a strong voice of advocacy they deserve.

Yaya is very analytical and genuine interested in others, and wants to hear about their experiences and their stories. Yaya loves to journal and in her writing, she has been able to explore aspects of herself and to analyze the perspectives of others. One of the things she has discovered at school is the need to start advocacy groups for LGBT teens to promote awareness of their needs. Yaya definitely is drawn to social justice causes.

Yaya says she is open to any family constellation. She would make a great big sister and would also be a little sister to someone she can model from as well. The family she hopes for is the one that will also be committed to helping her rediscover or rather, find her cultural identity and language; something she says that she’s lost along the way in foster care.

We are looking for a dedicated and immensely aware adoptive family that will embrace this old soul of a teen into their family.

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