Wednesday's Child: Ezequiel, Jessica, Jenaveve & Jayleen: Foursome for a forever family

Fall is upon us and with it comes the Ventura Harvest Festival here in Southern California. Catherine Cowles with Leaf Motif dropped in to show our bunch how to infuse fall colors into bookmarks using leaves and other foliage, as we help tell the story of this loving sibling set of four.

From the top photo and pictured third from the left, Ezequiel (2006) is the big brother. He loves super heroes and building with LEGOs. As described by his younger sisters, Ezequiel embodies hero-like stature in their eyes because he is a caring, protective and patient older brother. Ezequiel hopes to join the military someday so he can help people. Math is his favorite subject, and when he's not looking after his younger sisters, Ezequiel is reading and is a particular fan of the Star Wars series.

Second from the left is Jessica (2008), who also loves school and is a big fan of science. She loves dolls, drawing and is a kid who likes to be highly organized. She loves animals like cheetahs and hopes to be a veterinarian someday to take care of these big cats. Unfortunately, Jessica is currently not placed with her siblings so our goal is to find one family for this entire sibling group.

On the far right is Jenaveve (2009), who also loves school and is great student. With a love for arts and crafts, this activity of making foliage bookmarks captured her attention. Like her brother, Jenaveve also loves to read. She likes tumbling and hopes to one day be a gymnast.

Pictured first from the left is Jayleen (2011) who is the youngest and clearly has the most energy. Like her siblings, she loves school and her favorite "subject" is recess! Her goal is to become a cheerleader when she grows up. She has a particular attachment to Ezequiel because he lets her play with his toys. There's no doubt she's loved and protected, just like her other siblings.

As mentioned, not all of the siblings are living together. For now, the bookmarks they made are temporary placeholders in a hopefully small chapter in their lives. Ezequiel, Jessica, Jenaveve and Jayleen are looking to "fall" into their own forever family.

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