Wednesday's Child: Delightful Karen would love to be part of a forever family

Karen (2008) is a delightful little girl with a golden smile.  She is amicable, friendly and really enjoys people.  

Karen loves animals and with this in mind, we brought her to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA for an up-close look at living creatures not typically associated with oceanic life but part of the broader ecosystem itself.

Karen met a lizard up close and learned all about its needs and the features it has in order to survive. How about Lola the talking cockatoo parrot that mimics sounds that sound like speech.

Karen found it especially entertaining that Lola alerted her about “sharks” at the aquarium. In addition to all the sea life, Karen was especially exhilarated to explore and touch live moon jellies.

Karen loves to read and create things with various arts & crafts.  She hopes to become an artist someday. Painting and drawing are the mediums that she likes.

Karen has a curious mind and is always looking forward to new experiences. For her, growing up in foster care has not always allowed for many such opportunities.

One of the characteristics in an adoptive family that we hope for Karen to have is one that provides opportunities for exploration to encourage her personal growth.

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