Wednesday's Child: Daveon asks the Great Pumpkin for a forever family

This week on Wednesday's Child we take a peek at Daveon (2002), a very outgoing and fun-loving boy who is usually up for trying new adventures. And since its Halloween week, we headed over to one of the area's newer seasonal attractions -- Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns, featuring over 5000 hand-carved pumpkins - to learn more about what puts a bright smile on Daveon's face.

Our day began with a lesson from master carver Bill Bywater, who showed Daveon the ins and outs of carving a pumpkin into a Jack O'Lantern. Daveon took to the step-by-step instructions well and soon was able go with the flow rather intuitively.

We found Daveon to be polite and even a little on the quiet side during our day amongst the pumpkins, but at school he is typically very social with his peers and has a lot of friends. Daveon has an outspoken side once he gets to know you and communicates his thoughts well. Daveon likes to play video games and loves sports -- basketball and swimming in particular - and hopes to join and play on a youth or school sports team someday.

And while his bright smile might not show it, Daveon really craves a loving and committed family by his side to guide and support him and help him reach his full potential. We trust there is a family out there ready to carve a place for Daveon in their family and discover the treat that comes with giving a child a permanent home.

Please call 866-921- ADOPT (2367)
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