Wednesday's Child: Daja & Deveicho hope to CHILL in a permanent home

There's a chill in the air and no, it's not just El Niño. Over the holidays we had the opportunity to join a pretty cool sibling set at the Queen Mary's CHILL. Before making their way through The Ice Kingdom - A Christmas
Carol, Daja (2006) and Deveicho (2005) fueled up on some hot chocolate and even snuck in a visit with Santa.

Daja (2005) is a happy and healthy kid with lots of energy and enthusiasm. She loves outdoor activities and is always up for a new adventure. Deja currently expresses an interest in joining the military someday. She hasn't stipulated a branch of service just yet, but she holds all those who serve our country with high regard and wants to be like them.

Deveicho (2006) is a happy-go-lucky kid who is full of charisma and is a devout-sports-fan-in-the-making. Deveicho puts basketball at the top of his current favorites, but also has his eye on being a baseball player someday. Deveicho is doing well in school and enjoys learning new things.

These two thoroughly enjoyed their time together as they explored the many winter activities available at CHILL such as ice skating and ice tubing. That evening, though, when they likely were recapping the adventures of the day, they had to do so solo - as these two siblings are currently in separate foster placements. While the setting for this segment was all about the wonders of winter's CHILL, we know these two kids will warm many hearts and move a few to pursue adoption.

For more information about adoption:

Please call 866-921- ADOPT (2367)
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