Wednesday's Child: Brother and sister Dayron and Zaida hoping to find a forever family

What an exciting day to end the summer holidays for a brother and sister team who's all about science and fun? What better place to spend the time than at the Discovery Cube Los Angeles? Dayron and Zaida were so ready to start the day and got to explore the Science of Hocke and the Planetary Research Station to learn about the weather and the winds. One of their highlights of the day was rock wall climbing. Their favorite was having visited the summer's signature exhibit, Dinosaurs. This is a very close-knit sibling set, but unfortunately, they currently do not reside in the same home. We're hoping to chance all that through a search for a forever family where they can grow up together.

Dayron (2008) is a quiet, gentle and smart kid. He's a bit of an introvert but eventually opens up when he feels people are genuinely concerned about his general welfare and interests in life. Dayron loves school and is working hard academically. His favorite subject is Math and he takes pride in excelling in this subject. Dayron says he struggles a little with reading, so he's actively finding ways to improve his skills in this matter in order to be on par with the grade level in English class. Dayron hopes to be a doctor when he grows up.

Dayron also loves watching soccer games, especially when his favorite team, Barcelona and his favorite player Lionel Messi are playing. He didn't do too bad either when it came to quiz time at the LA Kings Hockey exhibit. Dayron loves animals and hopes that the adoptive family he has with his sister will allow them to have a dog, specifically a Chihuahua.

Zaida (2010) is a talkative, social and very smart child. She loves to play with all different types of toys, such as dolls, cars, and kitchen sets. At the Discovery Cube, she was most interested in the general science displays, such as the Santa Ana wind generator. Zaida has an active imagination and can entertain herself by having imaginative plays with her toys. Zaida enjoys going to school, especially during recess when she has many friends to play with. Clearly she is "social" and like he brother, wants to help people - perhaps that's why she wants to be a social worker when she grows up.

Dayron and Zaida hope to be able to grow up in a family where they can call their own. Tune in to Wednesday's Child and then call to learn more about adoption at 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).