Wednesday's Child: Bobbie hopes to find a loving and nurturing forever home

Bobbie (2007) is a friendly and sociable young girl who is waiting for an adoptive family. She enjoys going to school and having the support and friendship of peers. Bobbie has a helpful nature so it wasn't unusual that she wanted to explore the law enforcement profession for her Wednesday's Child experience.

We called upon the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to give Bobbie a little bit of history of the LAPD at their historical museum and a career talk from Officer Lizette Lomeli.

On the tour, Bobbie learned about the history of this legendary police department's inception, and throughout its evolution and involvement of the critical historical events in L.A., including the hiring of their very first female officers.

From relics, to uniforms and a look at the development of various police vehicles, the icing on the cake for Bobbie was a ride in the LAPD's exclusive "Pink & White" patrol car deployed for community relations purpose, in support and honor of breast cancer awareness and survivors. This car was brought in especially for Bobbie because she also wants to consider a career in the health care field.

We found Bobbie to be very expressive and precise in her communication and it's evident that she likes to engage in conversations with people (adults and peers). Bobbie also excels academically and keeps herself busy with extracurricular activities such as swimming and gymnastics for fun and exercise. Dancing is also one of her favorite activities.

She has recently developed an interest in watching soccer games. Bobbie has a healthy appetite and is inclusive to all kinds of cuisine, but for her, a home-cooked meal is most satisfying.

Bobbie hopes to "serve and protect" as a police officer, or nurture and heal as a health care professional someday. She hopes for a forever family to provide her with opportunities to explore all of these endeavors so she can be better prepared to accomplish her role in whatever helping profession she ultimately lands.

Officer Lomeli and the LAPD is putting out an APB (All-Points-Bulletin) for an adoptive family Bobbie can call and claim as her own. Pull over and tune in to Wednesday's Child and then call to learn more about adoption at 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).