Wednesday's Child: Sweet Dane in search of a forever home

Meet Dane (2006), a purposeful young boy with a lot of hope and a lot of promises. Dane relishes in lessons and traditions learned from significant people in his life that have shaped who he is. It is probably for that reason, Dane wants to pursue a career in law enforcement with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) with no coincidence that their motto happens to be "A Tradition of Service."

As guests of the LASD La Crescenta-Montrose Search and Rescue Team, we met up at Biscailuz Training Center; the sheriff department's premier facility and central hub. We also had a special surprise for him, the landing of LASD's legendary helicopter, RESCUE 5.

Search and Rescue was specifically chosen because Dane was interested more in the "rescue" side of law enforcement and wants to be a medic within the law enforcement context. This particular function is comprised of full-time sheriff deputies and volunteer reserve deputies.

Dane was exposed to options in this setup as he might consider being a full-time deputy or a reservist which would allow him to pursue a different career while still serving.

We found Dane to be an "old soul" and highly introspective, which is quite different than just being quiet. When Dane engages in something, he's very intentional, involved and authentic. Dane had quite the array of questions for the air support and ground team members of the Search and Rescue. This was a memorable day for Dane as he summed up that it was the best day of his life.

Our hope for him is that there is a family there for him; one of his best days and many more to come. Dane also has a jovial side and loves to play jokes. He looks forward to joining a loving and nurturing family.

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