LA woman opens homeless shelter at age 21

Turning 21 is often filled with milestones. You can finally rent a car and book a hotel room on your own – and one Los Angeles woman decided she wanted to make a difference on her big birthday. 

Instead of going to Las Vegas or doing something along those lines, she instead decided to find out if she could renovate and open a homeless shelter.

"It feels good to be able to provide people a sense of humanity because the world just lacks it, you know, so much so. It's good to be the change you want to see," Miriam Haregot said.

After the shelter renovation, Haregot says she started the P.A.C.K. Project. It stands for People Advocating Community Kinship. 

"We are a bunch of entrepreneurs, creatives, young kids from South Central. Our mission is to provide the houseless and at-promise kids with food, housing and educational programs," Haregot said.


She told FOX 11 once a month, the P.A.C.K. Project heads to Skid Row to serve hot meals to the homeless there. Her group calls it "Feed The Homies."