Is it faster to bike or drive from East LA to West LA during rush hour? FOX 11 puts it to the test

In a lighthearted morning challenge, the debate between two wheels and four wheels took center stage as the team at Good Day LA decided to test which mode of transportation would be quicker from East Los Angeles to West Los Angeles.

Anchor Sandra Endo and her photographer, Armando Hernandez, opted for the four-wheeled option, choosing a car for their journey. Meanwhile, photojournalist Sam Dubin embraced the two-wheeled alternative and hopped on a bike to represent the cycling community.

The challenge played out with both teams navigating their way from East L.A. to West L.A., and the coverage included a dramatic finish line complete with a tape and, of course, donuts.

Surprising no one on the Good Day LA team, Dubin and the biking team claimed victory, arriving back around 8:04 AM. The winning cyclists were greeted with cheers and donuts, while the car team, stuck in traffic, humorously expressed some road rage at not securing the win.

Dubin shared his experience on air, highlighting the fun of the ride and the efficient cycling infrastructure in place for commuters. The team was supported by officers from the Los Angeles Police Department to ensure their safety during the challenge.

While the playful rivalry between the cycling and driving teams unfolded on screen, the underlying message was clear: the challenges and realities of commuting in a car, complete with traffic frustrations, were vividly illustrated.