Wednesday's Child: College bound teen Ariel looking for a forever home

An athlete, artist and a scholar; Ariel is a bright, focused and very outgoing young lady. This college bound teen is looking for a forever family to share her accomplishments; a family to write and come home to. There're many dimensions to Ariel. As a backdrop to highlight her artistic streak, we met up at Duff's Cake Mix in Pasadena, CA to dialogue and to show off her talent.

Ariel is very personable and engaging. Her sense of humor made our conversation very enjoyable. Ariel knew right away that she wanted to decorate the cake with the colors and symbolism of her school's basketball team, the Anacondas, along with her jersey number. More than just a basketball fan, Ariel plays on the team. In terms of music, she favors listening to rap, hip hop, and R & B music. She jokes that she is a triple threat as she can sing, dance, and act.

Ariel is on the honor roll at school and she aspires to go to college, specifically at UC Davis because it has one of the best veterinarian programs in the state. She has done her research as she hopes to be a healer for animals someday.

Ariel was born in 2002 and identifies herself as Caribbean descent. She is open to all types of families. Ariel's favorite subject is math because the rules stay the same and it never changes. On a deeper level, Ariel, perhaps, is speaking to her wish for consistency, something that a permanent family can provide. Ariel longs to be part of a family team that will help her reach her goals and of course have some laughs along the way.

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