Mom grieving loss of murdered son shares emotional message to LA County DA George Gascón

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A mother’s emotional message to LA District Attorney George Gascón

The mother of a young man who was murdered has a message for LA District Attorney George Gascón. On the eve of the parole hearing for her son's killer she wants to know why no deputy DA's are allowed to attend the hearing.

It’s the outcome Jessica Corde prayed would never happen. 

One of the men convicted in the killing of her son Marquis Leblanc has been granted parole.

"When do I get to go up for parole? My son don't get parole, he's locked in that casket forever. He don’t get paroled," says Corde. 

The murder happened on April 17, 2009. LeBlanc attended a party in Pomona. 

Corde says, "He was asking multiple Latino girls to dance and of course, the Latino men were offended. They walked up to him and pointed to one’s neck and said, '(Racial slur), do you know where you’re at?"

Deputy DA John McKinney was the prosecutor in this case.

He says, "Not only was this young man pummeled with hands and fists. He was disrobed, he was dragged around in a street like garbage. He was then stabbed two times, once through the heart, and then shot in the head, left for dead in the street."

Several men were arrested and convicted for their involvement in the killing of Marquis LeBlanc. Martin Hora was 16 at the time.

The day after LeBlanc was killed, he texted: "Did the N — that we F-D up die?" 

Next message: "Well, we stomped the (bleep) out of his face."

Corde says, "There was no remorse. There's still no remorse for me. They're dragging me out of the tomb again, because everything about the case, I tried to bury."  

Since LA County DA George Gascón won’t allow anyone from his office to attend parole hearings, Corde had no legal support.

Her message to Gascón is this: "George Gascón, you have all this compassion for people. What about me? What about my son? What about the other mothers that are battling with depression and going into alcoholism and drugs and pills and stuff, because they can't handle what happened to their family, their son, their lives, their joy, their happiness? Where are you for us, George Gascón?" 

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