When A Selfie is a Bad Idea

To a lot of people "selfies" are fun and trendy. To others there are signs of being self-absorbed. Whatever side you fall on there is general agreement that some selfies are inappropriate. Take, for instance. the picture seven women took using a selfie-stick in front of the explosion and flames at an apartment building in New York where two people died.

To Emily Mauer of Baltimore, "That's horrendous. That's wrong. That's ridiculous. I would never do that." We caught up with Mauer on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks where we also met others who found some of the pictures showing up online as tasteless. Pictures of people at funerals, German concentration camps and memorial sites.

Why are we seeing an increasing number of selfies that, to some, cross the line?

Psychologist Dr. David Swanson says "so many times people want to say they're a part of the action. They're a part of scene and taking a selfie in front of something like that is a way they can promote that."

He also says when people take selfies at funerals or in front of caskets it "clearly demonstrates a poor sense of taste."

Dr. Swanson says it's also important to remember that "there are a lot of colleges, a lot of employers who go online and look at your profile before hiring you. if you look to be somebody who doesn't have a lot of empathy or is not a team playe they're probably not going to hire you."

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