Saugus Man Likes Governor's Call for More Water Conservation

If anyone understands what kind of work the Governor Jerry Brown might be looking for it's Matt Dickens who installed lots of water-saving devices in his home including appliances, showerheads, and faucet aerators that reduce water flow though it may not look like it.

In all, he's cut his family's water use 25% which is what the Governor is now mandating.

Dickens also understands the Governor's goal because he's the Resource Conservation Manager for the Valencia Water Company and has worked hard with area water customers to conserve on such things as yard watering. He says, "Make sure your water does not run off down the curb. Make sure you put your water to work where you want it to work. To make it work, he installed pressure-regulated high-efficiency sprinklers and drip irrigation where needed which can save 30,000 gallons of water a year. And, he says he has zero runoff.

On a statewide conference call State Water Resource Control Board Chair Felicia Marcus said "Unfortunately, the voluntary efforts and the baseline regulations that have been in effect since last summer haven't really provided us with the water savings that the situation now clearly warrants."

To, Dickens this isn't necessarily an uphill battle He says, "What I've found in general is that these are all things that can save water and are not necessarily going to impact the quality of life that we've all grown to expect here in California. "There are things we can do that are not extreme."

Meanwhile, his water agency and others are reacting.

Late in the day the Metropolitan Water District's Board Chairman Randy Record issued a statement in which he said "The governor's call to action matches the severity of the water situation facing all of California. Southern California has been taking the lead in turf removal during this drought, with Metropolitan's $100 million ongoing rebate program. We applaud the call to remove additional turf throughout the state and ending the wasteful practice of irrigating ornamental lawns on street medians with potable water. It is time to stop watering turf that serves no function. "We hope to partner with the state to immediately drive down water use throughout our service area. The Board of Directors will be meeting later this month to determine how to manage our available supplies in the coming year. While Southern California has added 5 million people in the past generation and at the same time decreased use of imported water, we realize that this drought requires dramatic action at this time."

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