Point Of View: Jefferson High

Governor Brown, your Department of Education refused to take action to stop Jefferson High School in Los Angeles from warehousing students -- instead of teaching them. What was going on at Jefferson was appalling. Many students had spent eight weeks in classes without instruction. Others were going home early, repeating classes already taken or they were given the wrong courses.

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To deal with this mess, Jefferson High school students got a temporary restraining order in the lawsuit "Cruz v. California" to force the state -- in principle -- to intervene.

With your blessing, Governor Brown, the California Department of Education fought that intervention order at "trial court" level, but still lost. The Department should not have opposed intervening in the first place.

What is worse, you have now included in your current state budget proposal $3.4-million-dollars to hire lawyers to oppose Cruz v. California. This money would be much better spent dealing with education problems at schools like Jefferson.

What are you thinking, Governor Brown? You are funding lawyers to fight kids. Your Department of Education claims that local school education failures are not the state's problem.

We beg to differ. William Koski, a Stanford Law School professor has said -- "as a legal matter, my view is the state is on pretty thin ice by saying it isn't their responsibility." When schools fail, the state has a duty to fix them.

Governor Brown, do not listen to your Teacher Union supporters who have traditionally been against reform lawsuits like Cruz v. California. Governor Brown -- Cut the $3.4 million dollars you allocated to fight Cruz v. California out of the state budget.

Get on the side of quality education.

Thanks for listening.

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Kevin T. Hale,
Vice President and General Manager
KTTV-TV, FOX 11 News

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