More worries for Porter Ranch residents


As he jogged by the Aliso Canyon gas facility, Dave Anton took the latest report of methane in the air in stride.

The Porter Ranch resident says he "was kinda surprised that there was still gas leaking but it didn’t seem like that a major of a deal.”

What Dave Anton is the incident filed with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. It says that at 7:45AM the morning of Christmas Eve infrared cameras detected what they call a “slight and intermittent observation of methane” released. 

Southern California Gas says it's not a health hazard. Matt Pakucko, who heads up Save Porter Ranch isn’t buying it.  Says the President of a group called Save Porter Ranch says, “They lie about everything. They’ve lied from Day 1. They said there wasn’t a leak. They said the gas goes harmlessly into the air. They said there’s going to be no health problems. They lie."

In a prepared statement, the gas company reported, “There is no detectable odor at the site or elsewhere at the facility. Methane levels are normal as measured by infrared fence line monitors and mobile detection equipment technology.”

The gas company says the recent heavy rain triggered what they called “the very slight release of methane previously trapped in the soil following last year’s leak at the site.” To the gas company, it’s really no big deal. To others like Kyoko Hibino it's, "... crazy. I mean we can’t live like this.” Pakucko says, it's "just more fuel for the fire.

We’ll just keep reporting this all the way up to Jerry Brown.” For a long time, many Porter Ranch residents have asked the state to close the Aliso Canyon gas facility. There’s frustration that it took 8 hours this weekend before anyone was notified of that methane release. The gas company says off-gassing is not viewed as a leak and doesn’t require reporting, but Chris Gilbride, with the company, says they notified residents anyway. Pakucko says, “We want it shut down… that’s the answer!”

Dave Anton wants it shut down too. Here’s a guy who, like so many others, was forced from his home for months to a hotel with his wife and dog, Wolfgang. He claims he had nose bleeds from the methane in the air and is part of two lawsuits against Southern California Gas Company. Remember, he’s not making a big deal out of this latest incident, but, he sees this “off-gassing” as a reminder that anything CAN happen...

 Says Anton, "I think it could happen again. You never know. If it happens again there’s going to be a major problem. You know, once is an occurrence. Two is a trend right. I just want it to be over. I want the wells to be capped safely. If they have to shut them all down to do that then great."

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