Cyclist fleeing stray dog is hit by truck

- A bicyclist is hospitalized with serious injuries after he was hit by a truck while fleeing from a roaming German Sheppard that was chasing him, and it was all caught on video.

It happened near Grove Avenue and Forrest Street in Riverside on Sunday evening.

Family members tell FOX11 the bicyclist is 27-year-old Joseph Franceschi, who is recovering at Riverside Community Hospital. He does not have health insurance, according to family.

"He did suffer from a broken leg, where the bone came out of the leg, and he had to have a 2 hour surgery today, he also has stitches from a big gash in his head, said Jessica Sanavea, his sister. "I could've lost my brother cause of a stupid dog running out."

Charles Parada's home surveillance camera caught the incident on tape.

"I was in my house here and I heard a big commotion, dogs barking, what sounded like shouting, and then a thud," he said. "When I came out there, the victim, the bicycle rider was laying on the ground, and my neighbor was already applying a compress to his head cause he was bleeding."

The dog was identified as a 2-year-old female German Sheppard. It had no microchips, and no tag, and was quickly impounded at Riverside County Animal Services.

John Welsh, a spokesman at the shelter, told FOX11 that an officer's attempts to find the owner were unsuccessful.

"Right now it's gonna be held for its holding period, we're gonna hope an owner comes forward, the dog tends to be somewhat on the sweet side, it just ended up chasing a guy down this alleyway," Welsh said. "The dog wasn't really doing what is unnatural for a dog, but certainly some irresponsible pet ownership is involved in the dog pursuing this guy."

Welsh told FOX11 that if the dog's owner doesn't come forward, the shelter will try to re home the dog, or send it to a rescue group.

The owner could be found civilly liable for Franceschi's injuries.

"He's just a kid he's an amazing son, brother, and a father, he didn't deserve to go through this, we understand it was a dog but at the same time keep your dogs locked up," Sanavea said.

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