Is This Rash Of Shark Sightings Something To Worry About?

Maybe it was fate that drew Chris Lowe to sharks. He comes from a family of fisherman, loves to fish himself, grew up in the resort community of Martha's Vineyard of Massachusetts in the 70's, when a director you may have heard of named Steven Spielberg was making a movie you may have heard of called "Jaws''.

It was set on a fictional island that was essentially Martha's Vineyard, and many of Lowe's friends were in it. It scared almost everyone, not him. He became a Marine Biologist, moved to California and now runs the '' Shark Lab '' for Cal State Long Beach's Marine Biology program. "I think the biggest misconception is if you see an adult shark it's going to attack you and that's just not true. I can almost guarantee if people spent any time in ocean in Southern California in the last ten years a shark swam by them and they didn't even know it.. "

Lowe says last weeks widely publicized sightings of baby White sharks in Huntington Beach should come as no surprise. He says his labs research, largely done thru tracking devices , shows that four main spots in Southern California have become nursing grounds for babies, typically born less than five months ago, measuring maybe four to five feet in length. '' Why are they there ? "These little things are scared of everything... one of the reasons is it's safer.. not a lot of big things there.. the other thing is there's lots of food. '' Of course it's adult full grown 15 footer shark attacks against humans that get all the attention, but statistics shows that only happens about 75 times a year worldwide, not great if you're one of those 75 but not a huge number. Why do they attack ?

Lowe doesn't buy the theory that sharks mistake humans for seals, their favorite food. He says they have excellent vision and should know the difference, also if they were really hungry they'd probably eat the whole person not just take a bite and run, like they typically do. He hopes to learn more about that in the future.

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