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Kirsten Hopes To Wear Many Hats With A Loving Family

With her own sense of style, a positive self-image and creativity abound, Kirsten (1998) is interested in a career in fashion design.  And Kirsten is already learning that it is important to build a good foundation and to understand the small details from head to toe.  With that in mind, we figured we'd help her start at the top with a visit to Baron Hats ("Hollywood's Hat Maker") in Burbank, California to learn about the artistry and craft of making hats by hand.

From materials like beaver and velour, styles like fedora and porkpie … all the way to methods like blocking and pouncing, Kirsten got to know the difference between handmade hats versus a machine-made one. Whether making hats for period movies or designing a style for major-label apparel companies bringing back hats, we are reminded that some things are timeless … as is the basic need to feel attached to others as part of a family.

For Kirsten's hat-making experience, she couldn't just stumble upon any materials and take to the machines – she needed and received instruction, modeling, supervision and encouragement from a hatter who's made many a hat.  For many kids in foster care, the art of being part of a stable and loving family can start to get lost and we start to forget that even teens and young adults still need to practice the "art of living" while surrounded by the unconditional love and support of family.  Kirsten hopes to find such a family to help guide her as she transitions through high school and builds her foundation for college – and a fashionable career!

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