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Holly Looks For The Great Pumpkin In A Forever Home

If this week's Wednesday's Child looks a little familiar, it's likely because this isn't her first go around – we initially featured Holly in 2012 as an 11 year-old "tween" giving ice-skating a try.

Holly (2000) is now on the edge of teenhood and growing, but she still enjoys good ol' fashion outdoor activities. With this being a good time of year for kids and kids-at-heart to get out and play, we passed on the rink this time around and met up with Holly in a patch – Pa's Pumpkin Patch, to be exact – to have some autumn fun and seek out the perfect pumpkin for Holly!

Holly was a bit more talkative and engaging during this Wednesday's Child adventure. Holly shared that while she hadn't picked out a Halloween costume to wear yet, she has been spending time decorating her living space recently. If Holly is any indication, those on the edge of teenhood start becoming more imageconscious – not only about their wardrobe but also about the spaces (school locker, bedroom, etc.) that are seen as extensions or expressions of who they are. Even pumpkin selection is done to fit their personal décor!

Holly has had a rougher go of it than some because she has elements of autism and requires some special attention. But given the right opportunity and setting, Holly's inquisitive and
endearing personality will shine through any fog or doubt. While finding the right costume, outfit or room décor may have moments of importance, in the big picture we know that
finding the right family for Holly is the greater task at hand. It's a scary thought that Holly could end up spending her teenage years growing up in the foster care system unless the right family steps up out of the patch and commits to providing the structure, support, love and understanding that Holly needs.

For more information about adoption:
Please call 866-921- ADOPT (2367)
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