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Matthew Hopes to Pin Down A Forever Family

Matthew (2002) is an active kid who loves a wide range of sports and – when engaged in such activities – shines with athletic prowess. His favorite "sport" to watch is WWE Wrestling and when we asked him who his favorite wrestler was, Matthew named the wrestler that is portrayed on both a poster and action figure he has: John Morrison.

Needless to say, Matthew truly flipped when we met up with him at Tempest Free Running Academy in Chatsworth, California and none other than John Morrison was there to
help Matthew learn the art of safely flipping, falling and otherwise vaulting his body around in the Parkour discipline.

Parkour itself is considered non-competitive and is practiced in safe and often creative environments, which made it a great place for Matthew to strut his stuff! Back in his everyday-life environment, Matthew is outgoing as well as articulate, thoughtful and mature for his age. He does well at school, likes participating in extracurricular activities, and would one day like to have a dog as a pet. And while Matthew may be the kind who tends to face obstacles head-on, he still would benefit from having forever family members in his corner to help and support him – whether it's in tempering some of his youthful enthusiasm or in navigating those not-so-safe environments that life throws our way.

For more information about adoption:
Please call 866-921- ADOPT (2367)
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