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Varsety Just Wants To CHILL With A Warm, Loving Family

You're never too old for wishing… and hoping…and dreaming ... and in some cases, even CHILLing! Even though Varsety (1997) has grown since we first met him over three years ago, he was quite game to join us for an afternoon of fun at the Queen Mary's CHILL adventure in Long Beach, California.

With a playful smile on his face, Varsety donned a big blue coat, mingled with the nutcracker soldiers and even visited with Santa for awhile. Varsety is now in high school and even though he sees the importance of an education, he admits school is not his favorite thing. Varsety has a prosthetic leg, but he does not let this sideline him from his more preferable activities like playing basketball or throwing the football around.

Varsety can be a pretty easy-going teen who really enjoys beingpart of his challenger league's basketball team. Varsety hopes that someday he will have a family who will take him to different activities and support him in his goals. At this point Varsety hasn't determined a career goal for himself, but he hints that he has a flair for the culinary arts.

We helped Varsety have a CHILL afternoon; now it's time for that special family out there to step up and help Varsety's hopes and wishes for a supportive family come true and give guidance to his future career dreams, whatever they turn out to be.

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