Ryan Is A Thoughtful, Loyal Sports Kid

3/12/2014 Wednesdays Child: Ryan

Ryan (2003) is a thoughtful and loyal kid…loyal to those in his life and to his favorite sports teams! Ryan is active and already loves to play basketball and soccer. To broaden his interests even further, we brought Ryan to a hockey practice with the Anaheim Ducks where he got a behind-the-scenes look at being a professional hockey player.

After watching the Ducks practice, Ryan waited patiently for #55, defensive player Bryan Allen. Having never been to a Ducks match, Ryan was wardrobe-deficient in his ability to show his support the following evening when he was to attend a Ducks match. But Bryan wasn't going to let that remain the case and showed Ryan around the team store and ensured Ryan had Ducks gear to wear.

Ryan has some significant connections in the Southern California area and hopes that the family he finds will be sensitive and open to maintaining some of those relationships. Ryan is open to trying new things and tries to be mature about situations in his life. At the core,

Ryan is still a kid who likes superheroes and action figures and craves to have a patient and loving family to help guide him through life's challenges. He's playful and talkative and engaging. Whatever situations he finds himself in, Ryan is all about participating and helping and he's looking forward to doing that within the construct of a safe and permanent place to call home. We ensured Ryan was all "Ducked" out for his first Ducks match, but we hope with your help that he will soon be showing and knowing the loyalty that comes with being part of a family.

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