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Kirk Hopes To Savor The Feelings Of A Permanent Family

3/19/2014: Wed Child El Monte

This week on Wednesday's Child, our work is focused around Kirk (1998) and on finding this teen with specialized needs a forever family. Kirk is diagnosed of autism and some intellectual disabilities which affect his development in expressive language. Kirk communicates in his own ways and is learning sign language to assist in communicating with others.

While Kirk has a great deal of energy and requires close supervision, he does love to interact with people. With some prompting and guidance Kirk is able to demonstrate his talent in arts and crafts. Kirk is very tactile and likes feeling different textures in toys and different objects as he explores and interacts with his surroundings. Kirk has discovered that he enjoys electronic and push-button gadgets. And while Kirk has some difficulty with mobility, he likes being outdoors playing with a basketball and he perks up in fascination when he sees bubble!

Kirk would benefit from having a family that possesses the patience to guide him along with daily living skills while he also continues to develop additional communication skills. Services are in place to assist Kirk in his continued growth, and training and support are available for the families that rise to the challenge of meeting the specialized needs of those such as Kirk.

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