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Jazmin, Lilia and Jonathan Broadcast Hopes For A Family

This Week's Wednesday's Child are Jazmin, Lilia and Jonathan.

There’s a ‘70s song that proclaims “video killed the radio star”, but this week we accompany three siblings who are fans of music and of radio to one of their favorite local radio station – 102.7 KIIS FM – to see just how alive and well radio is. Pictured above (and from left to right) are Lilia, Jonathan, and Jazmin as they took a break from their behind-thescenes look at radio show production with radio stars DJ Freddy Rivera and DJ Sisanie.

Oldest sister Jazmin (1999) has been playing the violin since the 3rd grade and plays in the school orchestra. Beyond her love for music and the arts, Jazmin has her eyes set on college and the military after high school. Her current career goal is to be an emergency room doctor to help people someday. Bright, focused, resilient and insightful, Jazmin’s role at the radio station was to record station identification tracks.

Lilia (2002) is a little shy upon first meeting, but is friendly and able to engage in new situations once she’s had a little time to assess. Beyond listening to music, Lilia enjoys soccer and videos games. Being a little more of a technophile than her older sister, Lilia learned the art of editing voice tracks for on-air playback. Being a bit more of an introvert, Lilia was comfortable being the behind-the-scenes support during our day in the studio, but her current career goal is to become a lawyer representing and being a voice for foster children in the system.

Jonathan (2004) is an energetic boy with a magnetic personality who enjoys drawing, dancing around and playing at the park. Musically, Jonathan plays the flute and recorder and expressed interest in all aspects of radio. In addition to recording voice tracks, Jonathon really got into the special sound effects and wherever he went in the station he managed to bring smiles to peoples’ faces. We are taking the story of these three siblings from the radio station to the TV station and into your homes and hearts in an effort to find the right family that’s ready to add these “stars” into their mix.

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