Joseph Aims High In Hopes Of A Forever Home

This week's Wednesday's Child is Joseph.

This week we want to make a federal case for Joseph (1998) finding a forever family, so we obtained the necessary clearances to accompany Joseph to the Los Angeles Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). And during our friendly investigation, we found Joseph to be a dynamic teen with a good bit of focus and determination for someone his age. With aspirations to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy and ultimately pursue law enforcement as a career option, Joseph was ready to make contact with some very special FBI Special Agents.

At the top of our list was the local top agent, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Robert Clark. Agent Clark had special insight into Joseph's “case”, as Agent Clark had also been in foster care. And one of the tips shared by Agent Clark as well as other special agents was to focus on getting a college education. While this is a good tip, it's not a top secret one so Joseph revealed that he does well academically and is already a ranking Officer in the Air Force ROTC at his high school and is focused on becoming a Colonel by the time he graduates high school.

Joseph is a self-starter and often takes a proactive approach to his life. And while he has an independent personality, Joseph also wants and knows he needs a permanent family to help guide and support his endeavors. Joseph also demonstrates an understanding that support is a “give and take” matter as he currently works as a counselor for a program at an aquatic center where he helps coach younger children. When he's not at school or work, Joseph enjoys playing baseball.

With the kind of focus, discipline and genuineness Joseph displays, we see him becoming a living example of the Air Force motto “Aim High.” Already a ranking ROTC officer with aspirations of the Air Force, college and maybe a career in law enforcement, Joseph is on his way to being an officer and a gentleman. If you see your family as one that could provide Joseph with assistance, encouragement and permanency – then you are wanted by the DCFS (which is better than being wanted by the FBI)!

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