Wednesday's Child

Desmond: Looking For A Family Full Of Compassion


This week on Wednesday's Child, we're putting out a call on behalf of a child with numerous special needs. Desmond (1998) got a very rough start in life and he needs a very special family that is full of compassion, the ability to comprehend and adapt to uncommon circumstances and an understanding that Desmond can contribute to a family in his own special way

Desmond was born prematurely and has medical issues (such as chronic lung disease, seizure disorder, sickle cell trait, failure to thrive and blindness) as well developmental ones.

The way Desmond explores and engages is different than most children. Desmond explores his environment through tactile and auditory senses and engages you with his smile and other facial expressions.  Desmond loves to listen to all kinds of melodies and music.

Desmond attends a very special school where he is making great strides.  While the needs of children like Desmond may at times seem overwhelming, there is support and training for a family that has what it takes inside themselves to answer the call to become family to a child like Desmond.

For more information about Desmond and adoption: 
Please call 866-921- ADOPT (2367)
Download this profile on Desmond (PDF format)
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