Wednesday's Child

Sierra Longs To Observe and Interact With The World Around Her

Sierra (2001) is a down-to-earth and friendly girl who engages and draws you in to see the world from her eyes.  Sierra had a tougher start in life than most children as she is diagnosed with a congenital heart condition, Downs Syndrome and developmental delays. Because of her delays, Sierra isn't verbal but communicates in her own special ways.

Sierra likes to be out and about, interacting and observing. She likes the mall and being at the park. Sierra also spends time at home doing her exercises, with her favorite being the "Pilates ball".  Sierra receives special education services at school and enjoys the interaction she has with fellow students and her teachers.

Sierra's disabilities should not be a barrier to her having a safe and permanent home and adoptive family to call her own. There are trainings, services and support for families who find it in their hearts to include and claim children with special needs such as Sierra's as theirs.

For more information about adoption:
Please call 866-921- ADOPT (2367)
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