Adrian Has 'The Right Stuff' To Thrive In A Forever Home

It's a bird … no, it's a plane …no, it's the Space Shuttle Endeavour!

And now that it has settled in at its permanent home at the California Science Center, we took superhero-fan Adrian (2004) to get a closer look at a vehicle that has allowed mere mortals to orbit the earth.  To help make sure Adrian didn't miss a trick as to how the Space Shuttles function, Adrian received a special tour from Dr. Kenneth Phillips at the California Science Center.

Adrian is a creative, smart and artistic boy with a love for super heroes. He even has a portfolio of sketches of his favorite crime-fighters that he likes to share with those who take the time to get to know a little about him.  Adrian is talkative, animated and gets very involved and excited about topics he's discussing – yet he maintains appropriate boundaries with adults and peers alike.

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he responded married with children – and then went on to explain that in addition to that, he would like to be a police officer so he can provide for and protect his family. Family is important to Adrian, as well as is safety.

Adrian is a kid in foster care with superhero dreams who endeavors to be part of a permanent, loving and safe family. The possibilities of what he can accomplish and attain with the love and support of a family is … well, as limitless as space itself.  But you don't need to orbit the earth to explore the opportunity of providing children like Adrian with a stable and permanent home.

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