Jeffrey Hopes To Hit A Forever Home Run

This week's Wednesday's Child is Jeffrey.

While Jeffrey (2000) prefers Dodger Blue, one could say that the A's are just as fitting – at least the ones often used to describe him, such as "Academic" and "Athletic".  Along with his interest in baseball and getting good grades, Jeffrey is also an expressive and respectful youth. Jeffrey is the kind of kid who evaluates his options before making a decision, and we concurred with him that the LA Dodgers would be a fitting backdrop for his Wednesday's Child segment.

As a pitcher for his little league team, Jeffrey was all smiles about getting some one-on-one time with top relief pitcher, Dodger southpaw J.P. Howell. And while Jeffrey didn't have to earn autographs or even J.P.'s Dodger blue shoes, Jeffrey didn't hide his knowledge of J.P.'s and other Dodger players' stats.

Jeffrey presents to be a bit quiet initially and some might interpret that as being shy. However, Jeffrey is self-aware and expressive for his age and knows what works for him and has no trouble expressing such.  Once warmed up, Jeffrey is engaging and hopes to find a forever family with whom he connects.  Like a lot of kids in foster care, Jeffrey has some connections that he'd like to maintain; more importantly, though, is that he ends his time as a "free-agent" of the foster care system and joins a family team on a permanent basis.  We know there is a family out there that can commit to cheering Jeffrey on at his baseball games as well as being their for Jeffrey through the highs and lows of life.

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