Jump! Dance! and Sculpt With The Bari Workout

Bari is a hybrid workout that’s made up of dance cardio, trampoline cardio and muscle sculpting.

  • Trampoline is a great tool for detoxification, and the fitness equivalent of juicing or clean eating.
  • Because your lymphatic system holds onto toxins really easily and doesn’t have a natural pump to get rid of them, you have to bring in an outside source to help you out.
  • The trampoline is a great tool because at the height of your bounce you’re weightless and at the bottom of your bounce you’re catching 4x your weight. The up and down motion with the effects of gravity helps your lymphatic system move toxins from the up and down motion.
  • We use the bands for stability, arm and core strength and to encourage your bounce.
  • And you’ll feel the intense cardio on the trampoline too. Lots of sweating, so you’re getting the added detoxification there too!

Basic bounce moves that are good for detoxification, cardio and high calorie burn.

  • First is the down bounce. Explain bounce down form and muscles being worked. It feels like a squat but adds in more cardio.

          variation: jumping jack, surfboard

  • Run. This feels amazing because you can imagine doing this same movement on the floor how it wouldn’t feel that great on your joints. But, here you have 40% less impact than you would while running. It’s a familiar movement but with a low impact, detox edge.

          variation: add band arms and quick taps under

  • High Bounce. This one’s the best for detoxing because you really get the extremes of the bounce to help pump your lymphatic system.

          variation: star jump + corkscrew twist

Once you’ve gotten these moves down, we put them into sequences, basically little dances on the trampoline. We pair it with the music and the lighting and choreograph the flow of class so it’s an insanely fun, engaging and sweaty 55 minutes.

Bari Los Angeles

817 North Highland


Bari Orange County

2125 San Joaquin Hills Road

Newport Beach, CA 92660

(949) 287-6067


Follow Bari Studio on Twitter: @BariStrudio

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