Tips to add a bohemian vibe to your home (without spending a fortune)

- We enlisted the help of Justina Blakeney, interior designer and founder of Jungalow, to add some life and pizzaz to our Good Day LA living room set.

She transformed our space using her creative tips to inject some color and energy into the area -- without spending a ton of money.

In her book "The New Bohemians Handbook," she shares how to find your vibe and make your space a happy place. If you're thinking about doing your own home makeover, she shared some easy and affordable ways to get started.

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-What are a few easy tips to bring the "New Bohemian" look into your home?

The new bohemian look is all about a space that reflects your personality, your creativity and your dreams.  So try not to follow trends when decorating your home. Try and hone in on what excites you, lights you up and functions well for you and your family. 

To get the look I love, I mix colors, patterns and plants to keep my spaces lively and energetic. 

-Your new book is called, "The New Bohemians Handbook, Come Home to Good Vibes." How do you create a space with good vibes?

The idea of ‘vibe’ may seem ephemeral, but I simply see it as the totality of sensations and associations one encounters in a given space. It is the sights, the smells and the sounds, but it is also the thoughts and feelings, the memories and associations the space elicits.  

Make sure your home has an abundance of natural light and fresh air. If your home is dark try cleaning your windows, removing any dark window coverings and adding mirrors opposite your windows. This can help open up the space immensely. 

Make sure that all of the items you have on display in your home illicit good feelings and memories. If you have a bad memory or resentments associated with any objects in your home, try purging. 

-Plants are a big part of your design aesthetic and brand -- why? What's so great about house plants?

Nothing breathes life into a space like plants can, and I believe a home full of living, growing energy can support and encourage your own personal growth.

The ZeeZee plant and the Sansevieria plant are great examples of easy care plants
Give plants time to get used to their new home. Do a bit of research to find out where in your home they'll be happiest, and place it there. Don't move it around your home even if it seems unhappy. Constantly moving plants around can prove traumatic for them. They need time to acclimate to a new space, just like we do. 

-Jungalow and your books are so full of pattern and color! How do you balance colors and pattern so that your home doesn't look too busy or chaotic?

Work in the same color palette for all of your patterned accessories so that all the colors work together to create visual harmony. Add neutral colors to help the eye rest.

-There are a lot of tips in the book about personalizing your space, why is this important?

What works for you make not work for me and vice versa. Your home should be a reflection of you and your family. 

Things like color association is very personal. Red may make me feel invigorated, but it may make me feel angry or anxious. Understanding how colors make you feel can be a great tool in decorating your home. One great way to think about it is to think back on wonderful memories, and jot down the colors you see when you think about these times. Is there a common thread? Which colors consistently make you feel good? 

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