Rainbeau Mars: Simple steps to better health

Have dessert first, drink less water...that's what health & wellness expert Rainbeau Mars says. 

She's the author of  '21 Day Superstar Cleanse: 10 Simple Steps To Getting Healthier In The New Year Without Killing Your Lifestyle’ and she's here with those tips...

10 Simple Steps To Getting Healthier In The New Year WITHOUT Killing Your Lifestyle:

1. Have Dessert First! You can have your cake and eat it too, but enjoy treats like Rainbeau's raw coconut cream pie on am empty stomach, (i.e. before breakfast)

2. Use More Salt! The right kind - Celtic sea salt -nourishes hair, teeth, and skin with 98 essential minerals only found in the sea

3. Eat The Rainbow! We’re not talking about Skittles, but fruits and vegetables representing every color of the rainbow

4. Eat more Fat! Our body’s need fat to function, but find good sources that nourish you and avoid fat free/ synthetic replacements

5. Drink less water!  We need water of course, but during meals isn't necessarily the best time to guzzle it. Try drinking water on an empty stomach as well, warm is preferable.

6. Learn to Food Combine! It’s okay to eat meat, bread, and fruit, just not all at the same time. Eat potatoes with salad and veggies. Eat fish with salad and or vegetables. Eat fruit alone / on am empty stomach.

7. Be a Snob! Before putting something in your mouth,  KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM!

8. Incorporate Movement into Your Day! Even if you don't have time for the gym, find a way to exercise while you're cleaning your house or taking calls.

9. Try New Foods! It’s easy to get so used to driving the same way home, it can feel unsettling to go the more beautiful route. We do this in many areas of our lives. Trying new foods stimulates our brain and help in the shift towards a new mindset.

10. Take A Vacay! Taking a break, even a short one, from foods that are difficult to process (like meat and fried foods) gives your body a chance to recharge.

  • The Right Way to Food combine: Eat fruit on an empty stomach, not for dessert because sweets digest quickly and savory doesn't.  If fruit is eaten after a meal it does the opposite of cleansing. Eat lean fish with salad or rice with veggies. Choose to have a starch or animal protein, one or the other but don't have both together
  • Be a snob!!! Would you kiss someone if you didn't know where their mouth has been?
  • Then why are you going to consume, swallow and integrate food without that same knowledge. Because we literally are what we eat, it's important to know about what we are eating, where it came from and how it will become part of us. 

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